Hamas attacked Israel and started a war


On Oct 7, 2023 Hamas attacked Israel. Soon thereafter Israel went after the leaders of Hamas. A Hamas leader says they did not underestimate Israel’s response. They got exactly what they were hoping for.

Years ago, whenever Arab leaders met with leaders from Israel the Palestinian cause was always a major topic of conversation. Arab leaders required Israel to do something to benefit the cause of the Palestinian people. But in recent years this has not happened. Arab leaders would meet with Israel to improve their relationship and/or to discuss ways they could help one another, but nothing was done to benefit the Palestinian people.

Hamas decided that the Palestinian cause needed to get put back on the table and decided that starting a war with Israel would be a way of accomplishing this. Since so many people have died in this war, people all around the world are talking about Israel and the Palestinian people. What will happen in the coming days and weeks?


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