What did it cost you to follow Messiah Jesus?


When a person choses to follow Messiah Yeshua it will cost something; people, a job, or a thing.

Was it the beer or Jesus?

This Thursday I'll be sharing (at an Assisted Living Facility) how I discovered that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah and God who became flesh to live with us here on earth (John 1:14). Being Jewish, I knew it would cost me a lot in my relationship with family and some friends. It did happen, but what I received instead has been well worth it. And, over time, God has done much to rebuild those relationships. What did it cost you when you began to follow Messiah Yeshua?

Youth Camp

Our son Caleb asked Vinu and I to work at Youth Camp for him in July. We accepted his request and will have the opportunity to work for our son. Have you ever worked for one of your children? I'm looking forward to this opportunity to see him lead a week long camp.

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