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God's Torah is a treasure we should all value and the mezuzah, tefillin and tallit all created to remind us to read God's Torah

Torah is a Treasure

God’s Torah (Instructions from Genesis – Revelation) is one of the greatest treasures you’ll ever discover. Just like a chest full of gold and diamonds we need to hold on to and keep God’s Torah as something very precious.

In this presentation I also share some ways people express their love for God’s Torah or Instructions. If you want to see ways you can express your love for God’s Torah or Instructions invite Rabbi to Speak at your congregation, Bible Study or gathering in a home.

Jerusalem is the city God chose to be His earthly Home. This is the first reason Zion is a treasure you should value.

The Treasures of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is filled with many treasures. This is no surprise because God said:

(Psalm 132:13-14) The Lord has chosen Zion. That’s the place where he wants to live. 
He has said, “This will be my resting place for ever and ever. Here I will sit on my throne, because that’s what I want.

Many people desire to visit Jerusalem, but few actually get the opportunity to go. Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about the many treasures of Jerusalem. 

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