Torah is a Treasure


I just created my latest presentation, “Torah is a Treasure.” God’s Torah (Instructions from Genesis – Revelation) is one of the greatest treasures you’ll ever discover. Just like a chest full of gold and diamonds we need to hold on to and keep God’s Torah as something very precious.

I look at tefillin, mezuzah and tzit-tzit, and share how these things (which come from the Holy Scriptures) help us to remember God’s commands so that we may live by them.

In this presentation I also share some ways people express their love for God’s Torah or Instructions. If you want to see ways you can express your love for God’s Torah or Instructions invite Rabbi to Speak at your congregation, Bible Study or gathering in a home.

Rabbi Ron Speaks

June 22 – Assisted Living Facility, Plant City, FL

June 23 – Assisted Living Facility, Brandon, FL

Goldberg Family

Reva is in Israel for the month of June on a Missions Trip. Gita is traveling around NY to visit some relatives. Caleb is preparing for the Summer Youth Camps which he’ll be leading this summer. Asha and Asher just returned from New York City where they attended a wedding and visited Caleb and some friends. Ravi and Hannah are preparing for their November wedding. Vinu just received good news that she is no longer pre-diabetic. Ron continues to stretch and do stomach exercises about 5-6 days/week.

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