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Should Israel give up the Temple for peace?

A few years ago when I went to Israel, Hillel (our tour guide) told us that Israel’s leaders will never give up the Western Wall (of the Jerusalem Temple). It is proof that we’ve lived there in the past, but it also reminds us of our future. When he said this, God told me the Wall is a stump . What do you know about a tree stump? If you have any ideas how the Wall is a stump I invite you to post them on my FB page at: This Saturday I will speak at Shoresh David in Tampa and teach about this. If you live in Tampa Bay, come out to hear me speak. If you can’t be there, watch the service on FB Live at: Rabbi Ron Speaks July 20 – Shoresh David, Tampa, FL Go to my Events Calendar at to find out more details. Family Update Gita, Reva and I (Ron) visited Annapolis; The Naval Academy and The Citadel. The Citadel is very expensive, but we all liked it. Last week