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What is the WHOLE truth?

When people returned from exploring the land of Canaan they told Moses that they seemed like grasshoppers in their own eyes. This was true, but it was only part of the truth. We need to deal with the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the WHOLE truth. The rest of the truth was that God was bigger than their enemies. Don't ever forget that important truth. Whenever you face a challenge, be honest about what you're up against. But don't forget that God is bigger than whatever you face.
People who give in to their craves can find themselves in early graves, unless God saves (them). Check out the message I'll share at Shoresh David in Tampa, FL Saturday morning in person or on FB Live to find out Paul's solution to this grave problem. Tuesday night at 8:00 PM I will share a short teaching on Facebook Live. Join me at Rabbi Ron Speaks June 22 – Shoresh David, Tampa, FL One young lady who saw a recent video of mine contacted me this week. She has been very discouraged and reached out searching for hope. I received another phone call from a man who is trying to reach out to a Jewish co-worker. He asked me questions so he can better share with this person. Please pray that God uses my videos to touch people, and that He uses me to equip people to share with Jewish people. I have 5 speaking engagements scheduled in NY during my July visit. I’m still checking into 3 more. If you know of a congregation

Does God love you?

What does God think about you? Does He love you? Does God want to spend time with you? We see in Jeremiah that God married Israel at Mt. Sinai. We became His bride, and He became our groom. God has given me a role to play regarding this. I am to be the Father of the bride and offer to walk you down the aisle and bring you to God, your groom. Have you already said “Yes!” to Yeshua’s wedding proposal? If so, make sure you’re ready for our wedding day. If you haven’t said “Yes” to Yeshua yet, would you accept His proposal today? If you’d like to become the bride of Messiah, or need help preparing for our wedding day, contact me; I’d love to help. Tuesday night at 8:00 PM I will share a short teaching on Facebook Live. Join me at Rabbi Ron Speaks June 9 – Willow Bend Community Church, Lutz, FL June 9 – Ellel Ministries, Lithia, FL Go to my Events Calendar at to find out more details. Family