Do you yearn for Jerusalem?

I can’t get enough of Psalm 132:13-14 which says, “For the Lord has chosen Jerusalem; He has desired it for His home. “This is My resting place forever,” He said. “I will live here, for this is the home I desired.

Two times it tells us that God desired Jerusalem to be His eternal home. When I looked up the word “desire” in the thesaurus it listed the following words: wanted, favorite, chosen, preferred, sought after, coveted, craved, yearn for. Jerusalem must be really special for God to feel this way.

I’d like to ask you to do one thing: Can you share with us one reason why Jerusalem is one of your favorite places? Just one reason that you desire and yearn to go there.

Family Update
Asha is in Israel I’m sure she’s loving it, but she had a rough start. Her luggage was left in Moscow. It took 2 days for her to get it. But after she got it, she was in Masada and enjoying a Frappe. Life is good for Asha! I (Ron) had a headache for 9 days. I spent time in the ER; had a cat scan and lab work which showed nothing wrong. My Doctor prescribed tension headache medicine which did not do anything. Last night a friend (Terry) asked me if I tried using peppermint oil to relax my head. I tried it right after we finished our phone call. ln minutes the pain started going away. Today, I’m working and living pain free. THANK YOU GOD! Vinu returns from New York Saturday about 11:30 PM. Caleb visited the ER (in New York) on Wednesday. He had an allergic reaction to something; not certain what brought on hives. Please pray for his complete healing. In July, Reva, Ron and Caleb all visited the ER. Please pray for our health and protection.

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