Does God love you?

What does God think about you? Does He love you? Does God want to spend time with you? We see in Jeremiah that God married Israel at Mt. Sinai. We became His bride, and He became our groom. God has given me a role to play regarding this. I am to be the Father of the bride and offer to walk you down the aisle and bring you to God, your groom.

Have you already said “Yes!” to Yeshua’s wedding proposal? If so, make sure you’re ready for our wedding day. If you haven’t said “Yes” to Yeshua yet, would you accept His proposal today? If you’d like to become the bride of Messiah, or need help preparing for our wedding day, contact me; I’d love to help.

Tuesday night at 8:00 PM I will share a short teaching on Facebook Live. Join me at

Rabbi Ron Speaks
June 9 – Willow Bend Community Church, Lutz, FL
June 9 – Ellel Ministries, Lithia, FL
Go to my Events Calendar at to find out more details.

Family Update
Vinu got help from a friend and painted a room in our house. Gita and Reva will spend next week in a JROTC camp. Ron will visit a doctor regarding the 2 bulging discs in his back Monday 2:00 PM.

$upport RON GOLDBERG MINISTRIES so Ron and Vinu can “raise their voices like a shofar” (Isaiah 58).
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